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Resources for Host Ranges

NSSF is your First Shots partner. Together with our industry partners, NSSF will help reduce the expense of hosting a First Shots event, and then turn First Shots “tryers” into regular range customers.

How to get started
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First Shots Host Kit

When you schedule a First Shots event, we will send you a First Shots Host Kit. This Kit contains:

  • First Shots Handbook. This handbook is for distribution to all event participants. Much like a log book for a pilot or a life list for a bird watcher, this handbook will become a place to record shooting experiences, goals and course notes. It also contains the instructions on how to claim their First Shots Reward coupon.
  • Eye and Ear protection. Through a partnership with Pyramex Safety Products, NSSF will send you enough eye/ear protection for all class participants. While your range may have rental equipment, we encourage you to present these as a gift to your participants so they are prepared for their next shooting experience.

For Rifle/Pistol:

    • Targets. Through a partnership with Birchwood Casey, NSSF will send you enough Shoot-N-C targets for all class participants. They make a great souvenir after a successful range experience!
    • Ammunition. Through a partnership with Winchester, NSSF will send you 25 rounds of .22 ammunition for each class participant.

For Clay Targets:

    • To help offset the cost of ammunition and clay targets, hosts will receive $100 in program support for every 15 participants, up to an annual maximum of $500.

NEW First Shots Reward Coupon

NEW First Shots Reward Coupon

NSSF will fund a $25 Reward for each eligible class participant. Your participants simply complete an online survey to receive the reward which they can redeem exclusively at your range. NSSF will reimburse you for all redeemed rewards.

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National Calendar. Your First Shots event will appear on the nationally promoted Let’s Go Shooting calendar making it easy for someone in your community to find your First Shots events.

First Shots Training Curriculum. NSSF has developed an agenda and PowerPoint template for your use in the classroom available to you in our First Shots Host Portal.  The outline and topics have been reviewed and approved by a First Shots advisory panel comprised of experienced First Shots instructors. We encourage you to personalize the presentation with your own range identification.

Pre-event participant preparation. Since many of your participants are new to shooting and may never have visited a range, we encourage you to communicate in advance of the event. This will result in better prepared attendees and fewer cancellations/no-shows. You’ll have access to several email templates in our First Shots Host Portal.

Post-event survey results.  NSSF takes care of all the administration of the post-event survey, in conjunction with the First Shots Reward process.  You will receive the survey results from NSSF headquarters on a regular interval.  We encourage you to use this feedback to promote and develop your First Shots events.

Post-event follow up templates. We encourage you to follow up with your First Shots participants on a regular basis and have included tips and templates to help you develop your first-time shooters into repeat customers.  You’ll be able to view this and other email templates in our First Shots Host Portal.

Big Thanks to our First Shots Industry Sponsors for their generous program support and commitment to continued growth in shooting sports participation:

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