Customized Market Reports

How to Open a Gun Shop or Shooting Range

Want to Open a Gun Shop or Shooting Range or Learn More About Your Business’ Location?

NSSF Customized Market ReportsSM are tailor-designed market templates prepared specifically for your trade area. 

Interested in opening a gun shop or shooting range? Or do you already own a business and want to learn more about your current location?

These reports are produced for NSSF members and industry professionals.

Why is a CMR important?

Studies show that retailers and ranges that have a better understanding of their trade area are more likely to customize marketing and advertising campaigns specifically around their target audience.

These targeted campaigns have a much higher success rate in reaching the right types of customers

The information in these reports will aid you in building well-targeted marketing efforts that will ultimately improve your business.

What will my CMR include?

  • Demographic information
  • Household trend
  • Effective buying income
  • Executive summary report
  • Area shooters / “potential market” page per each specified radius
  • Maps and lists of the following:
    • Ranges, shooting facilities & shooting preserves listed in the Where-to-Shoot and WingshootingUSA databases (NSSF). Our national range database currently contains more than 6,900 self-sign-up range listings.
    • Locations of shooting sports related retail businesses, law enforcement & law enforcement suppliers (list is purchased specifically for your area from and reported in two separate sections.
    • FFL holders – type 1 & 2 (ATF FFL list)

NSSF Member price – $899 | Non members price – $2500



“The CMR from NSSF provided vital information that we needed in the decision-making process on the possibility of expanding our business. From 1996 to 2011 Center Mass made its name serving the military and law enforcement markets with proprietary products and training services. In 2009 we began exploring the expansion of our business into serving the localized Detroit civilian marketplace. This is where the CMR was invaluable to us in making the decision to expand. It gave us detailed data on the local marketplace that we needed for our business plan. It is our opinion that the data provided in the CMR is what gave our lender the comfort level they needed to loan us the capital we needed to build a state of the art in-door gun range. I would recommend this report to anyone considering going into a firearms related business.”
– Jeff Felts, President & CEO, Center Mass, Inc.

“I ordered a Customized Market Report from NSSF to help assist me with my research prior to opening Atlanta Range and Ordnance. I found the report to be a very valuable tool and it complimented the other research I had done, as well as provided me with an enormous amount of information not available from other sources. Another benefit of the report came when trying to obtain funding. My banker wanted some additional information on the location I selected and its potential customer base. When I provided her the CMR, It confirmed the information in my business plan. She was very impressed and it helped me secure the loan. I highly recommend a CMR to anyone interested in opening a range or store.”
Gary DeGeorge, Jr., Atlanta Range and Ordnance

NSSF Member price – $899 | Non members price – $2500


Disclaimer © 2023 National Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This Customized Market Report is prepared by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc. (“NSSF”) and is provided for general reference purposes only to the specific recipient requesting the report. This report may or may not be suitable to the recipient’s individual circumstances and it does not necessarily represent actual or future market conditions, which conditions are subject to change at anytime without notice. This report should not be relied upon by the recipient or third parties in connection with any undertaking or commitment whatsoever. Furthermore, it is not intended to replace recipient’s own market research or act as a substitute for the exercise of independent judgment. Information presented in this report has been obtained or derived from sources believed by NSSF to be reliable, but NSSF makes no representation as to their accuracy or completeness or the usability of this report. Nothing in this report constitutes business planning advice, or advice of any other kind. This report is provided without any warranties or guarantees of any nature either express or implied. Users of this report assume all responsibility and risk. NSSF expressly disclaims and shall not be liable or responsible for any loss arising from the use of the information presented in this report.