First Shots and Your Range

Is First Shots right for your range?

  • Do you want more customers?
  • Is your facility equipped to introduce first-time shooters to safe and fun shooting?
  • Do you have instructors and range officers who enjoy working with new shooters?

Webinar recordings on the First Shots® program are available, including the FREE support resources provided to ranges that become hosts, highlight different ways host ranges effectively use First Shots to generate business and share tactics for you to consider to help make your First Shots events a success.

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As a First Shots Host Range, you’ll have access to shooting supplies (ammunition, targets, eye and ear protection), marketing  support, course curriculum and training guides, and a unique new customer reward program to encourage your first-time customers to become repeat visitors.

Remember – Your range needs to be a member of the NSSF.  You’ll need to provide range time, classroom space and certified instructors, so if your facility is at capacity or you don’t have the right resources to teach new shooters, First Shots might not be a good fit for you at this time.

How to get started
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What your fellow range owners say:

What your fellow range owners say:

“We’ve been able to fill that class once a month for six-and-a-half years, and it just continues to fill up every single time. People absolutely love it. It’s their first opportunity to shoot a gun in most cases and to find out it’s not as scary as they thought it would be and actually have fun. They get a real respect for shooting sports, and a lot of them are continuing to shoot.”--Richard Abramson, Centennial Gun Club, Centennial, Colorado.

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First Shots Business Plan Worksheet

Use this easy worksheet to see how First Shots can generate new business for you!

Your experience will depend on your location, instructor and commitment to First Shots.

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Tips from First Shots Host Ranges

Check out this list of handy tips from First Shots Host ranges:

Alleviate the Anxiety Around Shooting

The First Shots program works, thanks to a combination of classroom and range activity that offers the participants an opportunity to eliminate any anxieties and perform shooting activities at a level beyond what they thought possible.

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Tips from First Shots Host Ranges

Big Thanks to our First Shots Industry Sponsors for their generous program support and commitment to continued growth in shooting sports participation:

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