August 01 - 31, 2018

National Shooting Sports Month August 2018

NSSF is calling on businesses to invite their local communities to get out and enjoy the shooting sports this August!…
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Supreme Court Nomination Is On-Target

Like Justice Gorsuch and Justice Scalia before him, Judge Kavanaugh is hailed as an originalist, who relies on the text of the law as it is written.

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Human Resources 2.0

Building effective teams across generational boundaries is harder than ever. A few simple steps can help ease this burden.

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Opportunities Across the Country

North, South, East and West. Review the open positions available - several are closing soon.

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Celebrate All Month Long in August

Does National Shooting Sports Month drive customers to your range and store? Does it provide a way for new customers to discover you and how much fun the shooting sports are? You bet it does.

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Industry Reference Guide

A comprehensive report that encompasses the shooting sports industry into one, easy-to-reference resource. Full-color detailed information with the latest industry statistics. More than 190 pages of information.

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