Premium Retailer Membership

Premium Retailer Membership

NSSF’s top-tier membership for firearms retailers, its PREMIUM RETAILER MEMBERSHIP, offers unparalleled protection and benefits.

Designed to offer the best protection and benefits in the industry, this membership is available to any qualifying NSSF retailer member with a Federal Firearms License (FFL) who is not under any ATF administrative actions.

At the heart of the program is a defense fund to help retailers protect their business against administrative actions taken by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and judicial proceedings challenging an ATF license revocation. NSSF will offer Premium Retailer Members access to a select list of the industry’s best firearms defense attorneys and pay all related attorney fees in any ATF administrative action such as a warning conference or legal proceeding appealing a license revocation.

Among the benefits available to NSSF Premium Retailer Members are:

  • Access to legal defense fund to protect businesses against administrative actions taken by ATF and judicial proceedings challenging ATF license revocation.
  • A complimentary site visit upon applying from one of NSSF’s FFL Compliance Consultants, who will conduct a daylong audit of the store. The Compliance Consultant team is composed of retired ATF personnel with a combined 200 years of experience in the ATF, who have conducted and overseen literally thousands of FFL inspections.
  • An ATF Consultant is assigned to the store as “their” consultant and will be available by phone or email to answer quick questions as issues arise at no charge. If the need arises a consultant may also be directly contracted to assist with in depth research, investigations and comprehensive training above and beyond the complimentary site visit.
  • A copy of NSSF’s Compliance Compendium containing a host of NSSF’s books, articles and kits that help a store stay in legal compliance.
  • Several SHOT Show benefits, including a free ticket to SHOT Show University and VIP access.

Cost for the Premium Retailer Membership is just $750 per year. If you have multiple store locations and would like premium benefits for each one, separate applications must be filled out for each store and dues are required for each individual location.

After reviewing the Premium Retailer Membership plan, Joe Keffer, owner of the Sportsman’s Shop in New Holland, Penn. “For any retailer, large or small, this membership is a no-brainer. Between the educational materials, access to the best firearms attorneys and other premium benefits, this membership is what many of us have been waiting for.”


Unlimited Defense Fund

Access to an unlimited legal defense fund to protect businesses against administrative actions taken by ATF and judicial proceedings challenging ATF license revocation.

FFL Compliance Consultant Visit

A site visit from one of NSSF’s FFL Compliance Consultants, who will conduct a daylong audit of your store. The FFL Compliance Team is composed of former ATF supervisors and directors who have conducted and overseen thousands of FFL inspections.

24/7 FFL Compliance Hotline

Answers are there when you need it most. If ATF is in your store conducting an audit, experts are just a phone call away to provide information on what your rights are during an inspection.

Acquisition and Disposition Record Books

These books provide a permanent record of all purchases and sales of firearms as required under the GunControl Act of 1968. 44 pages, 880 entry lines, 3-hole punched.

Industry Research

Access to the best research available, including the more than 170-page Industry Reference Guide. These reference tools not only help ensure compliance, but also encourage success and continued growth.

Shot Show Benefits

VIP access at the industry’s largest trade show, including free admission to SHOT Show University, an annual sell-out event that offers a full day of seminars for firearms retailers.


Financials For The Firearms Retailer

Detailed information on income statements, balance sheets, budgeting, inventory and budget ratios, open-to-buy orders and what numbers you should be watching and why they are important.

How To Write A Business Plan For The Firearms Retailer

Learn the components of a successful firearms business plan, including how to write a statement of purpose, an executive summary, how to develop a marketing plan, personnel plan and financial management plan.

Merchandising Guide For The Firearms Retailer

An overview of inventory control, using sales reps to help drive your business, managing the product mix, selecting pricing strategies, running a clearance program, selecting vendors and selecting and attending the correct trade shows.

Employment Guide For The Firearms Retailer

Learn the steps to hiring, retaining, evaluating and terminating staff as well as creating job descriptions and employee handbooks.

Advertising & Marketing Guide For The Firearms Retailer

Learn to create a marketing plan that includes traditional and digital media; how to craft ads for TV, radio, billboards, newspapers and magazines; an overview of social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and how to convert browsers to buyers on your website.


How To Pass An ATF Inspection

There are many reasons why you might be selected for a compliance inspection. This guide provides information on what investigators are looking for, what you can do to get ready, what the most common violations are and more.

Don’t Lie For The Other Guy

Make sure that you and your employees are better prepared to prevent illegal straw purchases. Bring the Don’t Lie for the Other Guy message into your store. The Don’t Lie Retailer Kit includes display items to warn the public about the severe penalties for engaging in straw purchases and educational information to help retailers recognize and stop any would-be straw purchaser. THE KIT INCLUDES:

  • Access to video, “A Retailer’s Guide to Recognizing and Deterring Straw Purchases”
  • Don’t Lie Brochure: A Companion Guide to the Don’t Lie video
  • Counter Card
  • Poster (16″ x 24″ & 11″ x 17″)
  • Pen
  • Post-It Pad
  • 4 x 4 Logo Decal
  • 2 x 2 Square Button

Discounts And Benefits

In addition to everything above, you will receive a slew of discounts and benefits. Included are discounts on point-of-sale software, shipping needs, property and casualty insurance, employee background checks, credit-card processing, security systems and display cases.


If all of this wasn’t enough, your membership directly supports NSSF in its mission to promote, protect and preserve our industry and our sports. NSSF stands in defense of every segment of our industry on Capitol Hill and in state capitols nationwide and is working on behalf of every one of its members every day to strengthen our industry.