Industry Research

Industry Reference Guide

Industry Reference GuideThe 2020 Industry Reference Guide provides a current look and historical trend data for a wide range of categories pertaining to many aspects of the industry, including hunting and target shooting activity. The report includes more than 200 pages of information, all at your fingertips!

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Consumer Segmentation Report

Our latest effort, again at the request of membership, identifies the main types of gun owners and develops profiles of each segment based on their wants and needs.

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Detachable Magazine Report

NSSF estimate of the number of detachable firearm magazines, segmented by capacity, that have been sold and made available using the latest information from 1990 – 2021. These are both magazines provided with new firearms and available aftermarket.

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Industry Research Reports

One benefit that NSSF members point to time and again is the vast array of and actionable intelligence garnered from NSSF Industry Research publications. From manufacturers to shooting ranges to NGOs, there is a ton of useful information across a wide variety of reports. See what member companies have to say about the value and insight provided by NSSF Industry Research reports.