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Interested in opening a gun shop or shooting range? Or do you already own a business and want to learn more about your current location? NSSF Customized Market Reports are tailor-designed market templates prepared specifically for your trade area. The information in these reports will aid you in building well-targeted marketing efforts that will ultimately improve your business.

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First Time Gun Buyers

A 60-page report based on a study of consumers that purchased their first firearm in 2019 or 2020. Study was conducted by InfoManiacs, Inc. to obtain current information regarding behaviors and interests in this segment of the firearm market. Differences in purchase motivations and behaviors between the 2012 study and this study are documented where possible.

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Firearms Retailer Survey Report

The 2021 edition of the NSSF Firearms Retailer Survey Report contains data from 2018 – 2020. The report includes responses from hundreds of firearm retailers nationwide that range in size from single proprietors to large outdoor specialty stores. Information in this report was collected through online surveys of retailers that are conducted bi-annually. The most recent survey for the 2020 data was completed Spring 2021. Table of contents includes: Overview, Products Sold, Sales Trends, Sales Margins and Net Profit, Inventory, Selected Operating Measures, Markets and Customers, Website and Online Marketing, Social Media and Current Issues, Shooting Ranges and Other Offerings, Background Checks and Operating Systems.

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Sport Shooting Participation in the U.S.

A 120-page report based on a study conducted by Responsive Management for the NSSF® to determine regional and national participation rates for target and sport shooting in 2020. Historical information is included. This study is based a telephone survey of 3,000 U.S. residents ages 18 and older.

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2020 Firearm Consumer Personas Report
Phase I

Today’s market is different than five years ago. Keep up with your customers’ needs and motivations to help grow your business. Both the consumer persona 4-page and the full Phase-I reports are attached and available for download at no cost from NSSF and Southwick Associates. These are updates to the 2016 consumer segmentation study of firearms owners.

The Phase II report, coming later in 2021, will contain more in-depth insights regarding the purchase journey and product preferences for each of the five personas.

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  • NSSF Members can obtain the combined 4-page plus full Phase-I report free by logging in to the member portal and ordering the download through the online store.
  • Non-Members may obtain the combined 4-page plus full Phase-I report by sending an email request to [email protected].  NOTE:  Your return email address must be an industry-related business email address.  Other requests will not be processed.

Need need to learn more about the unique personas for your brand or niche of the outdoor market?  Contact Southwick Associates. A 15% discount is available to NSSF members.

Activating Ammunition Sales

The future of consumer research is ever changing. Online surveys are giving way to conversational, real time research and this study uses new techniques to identify shopper behavior regarding in store purchases of ammunition. This report is free for NSSF Members only and unavailable to non-members.

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Multi-Generational Research Report

This report covers four different generations thoughts on politics, the Constitution, gun laws, gun ownership and participation in the shooting sports. It is important to understand the nuances among different generations so you can target your marketing and communications appropriately as one message does not always resonate evenly across different generations. NSSF members can download the full report for free in our member portal.

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Firearm Magazine Ownership Report

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Firearm Magazine Ownership Report

Economic Impact of Hunting and Target Shooting

Hunting generates more than $27 billion in annual expenditures while target shooting provides nearly $17 billion in annual retail sales. Learn more about the economic impact of these activities by reviewing the following reports.

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