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Customized Market ReportsSM

Interested in opening a gun shop or shooting range? Or do you already own a business and want to learn more about your current location? NSSF Customized Market Reports are tailor-designed market templates prepared specifically for your trade area. The information in these reports will aid you in building well-targeted marketing efforts that will ultimately improve your business.

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Industry Reference GuideSM

The Industry Reference GuideSM 2020 edition, our most comprehensive report that encompasses the shooting sports industry into one, easy-to-reference resource, is now available. A timely and efficient source of information, it includes industry trends on hunting license sales, excise taxes, NICS, FFL dealers, manufacturing reports, economic data, demographics of shooting sports participants, equipment expenditures by segment, state-by-state participation, state-of-the-industry survey results and much more.

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Activating Ammunition Sales

The future of consumer research is ever changing. Online surveys are giving way to conversational, real time research and this study uses new techniques to identify shopper behavior regarding in store purchases of ammunition. This reports is free for NSSF Members only and unavailable to non-members. Join NSSF today!

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Multi-Generational Research Report

This report covers four different generations thoughts on politics, the Constitution, gun laws, gun ownership and participation in the shooting sports. It is important to understand the nuances among different generations so you can target your marketing and communications appropriately as one message does not always resonate evenly across different generations. NSSF members can download the full report for free in our member portal.

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Economic Impact of Hunting and Target Shooting

Hunting generates more than $27 billion in annual expenditures while target shooting provides nearly $17 billion in annual retail sales. Learn more about the economic impact of these activities by reviewing the following reports.

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Consumer Segmentation of U.S. Firearm Owners and Potential First-Time Buyers

Knowing about the wants and needs of different types of gun owners in today’s market is imperative to success. The industry has access to more consumer information than ever before and none as important as consumer segmentation data. Our latest effort, again at the request of membership, has been to identify what the main types of gun owners are and develop profiles of each segment based on their wants and needs.

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Webinar: Using NSSF Consumer Segmentation Insights to Boost Marketing and Sales

Growing your business depends on knowing your customers’ needs and motivations. With support from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), Southwick Associates produced the first-ever consumer segmentation study of firearms owners to help manufacturers and retailers understand consumers on a deeper level. This webinar covers the eight primary consumer segments that comprise the U.S. firearms industry and how to employ the results to increase your company’s sales and performance.

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U.S. Firearm Owners Rate of Magazine Ownership by Magazine Capacity

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