Premium Range Membership

Top-Tier Membership for Shooting Ranges

NSSF’s Premium Range Membership offers unparalleled protection and benefits. Designed to offer the best protection and benefits in the industry, this membership is available to any qualifying NSSF range or retailer/range member who is not currently facing any OSHA and or state OSH violations.

Member Testimonial

The proactive and supportive role that NSSF offers through its Premium Range Membership is invaluable in dealing with the regulatory issues faced by all gun ranges.

Greg Thurmon, Nardis Gun Club


A Snapshot of What You Get for $1500 Per Year

Legal Defense Fund

Qualified ranges with approved workplace safety and health compliance programs will be eligible to receive a lifetime maximum benefit of $25,000 in legal support to help cover attorney fees when defending against certain alleged violations imposed by OSHA and/or equivalent state OSH agencies.
Additional terms and conditions may apply.

OSHA Compliance Consultant Visit & Ongoing Support

Receive a one-time complimentary site visit upon applying from an NSSF OSHA Compliance Consultant to review and approve existing plans. The consultant will provide guidance to improve current practices where necessary while identifying any gaps within the health and safety programs listed below. After receiving this site visit the consultant will be available by phone or email to answer quick questions as issues arise at no charge. If the need arises a consultant may also be directly contracted to assist with in depth research, investigations, and comprehensive training above and beyond the complimentary site visit.

  • Hearing Conservation Program
  • Respirator Program
  • PPE Program
  • Hazardous Communication Program
  • Lead Management Program
  • Medical Surveillance Guidance
    Assistance with setting up a contractor to obtain blood lead levels, audiograms, respirator fit tests, all of which are significant items in completion of the programs.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • General Industry
    To include but not limited to slips, trips and falls, First Aid, Emergency Actions Plans Employee training upon delivery of all programs.

24/7 EPA & OSHA Compliance Hotline

Answers are there when you need them most. If you’re making changes or expansions to the makeup of your range and its operations, first get the guidance to ensure that you continue to maintain regulatory compliance from an EPA or OSHA point of view.

Media Consultant

Ranges needing assistance with media relations can receive professional guidance on how to respond to media inquiries and how to work with their local media.

SHOT Show Benefits

Several SHOT Show benefits, including substantial discounts to retailer seminars and SHOT University.

Discounts and Benefits

In addition to everything above, you will receive a slew of discounts and benefits. Included are discounts on point-of-sale software, shipping needs, property and casualty insurance, employee background checks, credit-card processing, security systems and display cases.

Incorporating Don’t Lie for the Other Guy™ and Operation Secure Store® Programs into your Business Practices

By using the tools and resources these programs provide, you’re taking action to help prevent illegal straw purchases while better protecting your business from burglary and or theft. Follow the steps below to get started in utilizing the free tools these initiatives provide.

  • Bring the Don’t Lie for the Other Guy message into your store! Order the Don’t Lie Set through our online store.
  • Download and complete the Security Risk Self-Assessment toolkit to help identify and quantify vulnerabilities and risks within your business operation.


Furthermore, your membership directly supports NSSF in its mission to promote, protect and preserve our industry and our sports. NSSF stands in defense of every segment of our industry on Capitol Hill and in state capitols nationwide and is working on behalf of every one of its members every day to strengthen our industry.

Membership Eligibility

Ranges with no prior federal or state OSH violations may qualify to receive support through the legal fund should a citation arise. Ranges with prior OSH violations will only qualify for legal support on violations they have not been cited on in the past three years. View Premium Range member terms and conditions here.

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