Premium Range Membership

Top-Tier Membership for Shooting Ranges

A Snapshot of What You Get  for Just $1500/year

As a Premium Range Member, you have the opportunity to utilize the services provided in either Option A or B, while also having access to the additional services and benefits packaged within this membership. Listed below are the details related to both options along with the additional services that the Premium Range membership offers.


A site visit from NSSF’s OSHA Compliance Team, who will conduct an onsite OSHA Training Session including a Mock Audit of your store and shooting range. Areas that will be covered include:

  • Lead Management Program
    • Exposure Assessment Requirements and Sample Documentation
    • Lead Standard Written Plan Requirements and Sample Written Plan
    • Lead Standard Training Requirements and Employee Training Packet
      General Requirements Checklist
  • Hearing Conservation Program Template
  • Hazardous Communication Program Template
  • Medical Surveillance Guidance
    Receive insight on obtaining blood lead levels, audiograms, air monitoring tests and respirator fit tests
  • General Industry Checklist

OSHA Compliance Program Review

Ranges with established OSHA health and safety programs will receive a visit from our OSHA Compliance Team to review and approve the existing plans while offering suggestions and revisions to improve them where necessary.

Legal Defense Fund

Access to a legal defense fund that will protect qualifying shooting ranges against OSHA administrative actions at the state or federal level. This benefit is intended to defray legal defense costs incurred by proactive ranges that might face violations or citations following an inspection. The Legal Defense Fund does not cover fines or penalties that may be assessed against a range. A range is eligible to receive up to $15,000 of legal support to assist in contesting any violations in question so long as the range has the necessary OSHA compliance programs in place and has been granted prior approval from NSSF’s OSHA Compliance Team through mock audit visits. Other exceptions and exclusions apply.

Membership Eligibility

Ranges with no OSHA violations will qualify to receive support through the legal fund should a citation arise. Ranges with prior OSHA or EPA violations will only qualify for legal support on violations they have not been cited on in the past 3 years for OSHA.


Through this program, NSSF will provide up to $5,000 of financial assistance to a range to help cover the costs of consulting services along with any additional costs associated with any range work that might be needed. Areas in which Premium members can utilize this consulting grant service include onsite range safety assessments, range design or enhancement, developing Environmental Stewardship Plans (ESP’s), sound testing, legal assistance and range business plan development or review. Ranges that need other services outside of what is listed above should contact NSSF’s Manager of Shooting Promotions, Zach Snow to determine if the project is eligible for assistance through the Range Consultant Grant Program.

Additional Services & Benefits

24/7 EPA & OSHA Compliance Hotline

Answers are there when you need them most. If you’re making changes or expansions to the makeup of your range and its operations, first get the guidance to ensure that you continue to maintain regulatory compliance from an EPA or OSHA point of view.

Media Consultant

Ranges that are in fear of their business being impacted as a result of any negative press generated following an OSHA citation or any other incident can receive professional guidance on how to respond to any media inquiries and or written articles that mention the situation.

NSSF Star Rating Range Program Benefit

Ranges who want to apply to become an NSSF 3, 4 or 5 star rated shooting facility will have the $250 application fee waived.

Industry Research

Access to the best research available, including the 170+ page Industry Reference Guide. These reference tools – geared for shooting range and retail businesses, paint a clear picture of industry trends to help reassure success and continued growth within your business.

Shot Show Benefits

VIP access at the industry’s largest trade show, including free admission to SHOT Show University, the annually sold-out event that offers a full day of seminars geared for firearms retailers and shooting range-retail businesses.


The proactive and supportive role that NSSF offers through its Premium Range Membership is invaluable in dealing with the regulatory issues faced by all gun ranges. - Greg Thurmon, Nardis Gun Club

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