Own It? Respect It. Secure It.

Welcome to the Own It? Respect It. Secure it.® Initiative toolkit.

This initiative, created by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, is built on the firearm industry’s long-standing commitment to safety and has been developed to give industry members an ongoing platform to promote and encourage firearm safety and storage. It also serves to enhance and amplify the messages of ongoing safety and education campaigns such as Project ChildSafe, which has distributed more than 37 million free firearm safety kits to gun owners through partnerships with law enforcement agencies in all 50 states and five U.S. territories.

Logo & Branding Guidelines

Logos For Download

The Project ChildSafe® and Own It? Respect It. Secure it.® names, logos and images are trademarks or registered trademarks of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc. Project ChildSafe supporting companies and organizations are permitted to use the Own It? Respect It. Secure it.® logo to promote and encourage safe and responsible use and storage of firearms and to spread Project ChildSafe’s safety messaging. Use of the logo does not constitute or imply endorsement, recommendation or certification by NSSF of supporter products, services or opinions.

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Materials to Print

Samples & Templates

We need your help to make the Initiative a success, and to reach as many people as possible with the Own it? Respect it. Secure it.® message. Whether you’re a retailer, manufacturer or organization, participating in the Initiative is easy to do. From including the ORS logo on your packaging and advertising, displaying it in your store or sharing a note to your social media followers, there are many ways you can carry this important message to millions of firearm owners and reinforce the importance of firearm safety and responsibility.

Our goal is to make participating in the Own it? Respect it. Secure it.® Initiative as easy as possible. There is no prescribed minimum or maximum level of participation – you’re encouraged to participate in any way, and as often as you can.

Here are some ideas to get you on your way to participating in the ORS Initiative:

Does your organization have a website?

A simple way to show your involvement and promote the ORS message is to post the ORS logo on your website. The logo will be embedded with a hyperlink back to our website, where people can learn more about the Initiative.

Does your organization have a product?

With our template artwork and branding guidelines below, you can easily incorporate the ORS logo and tagline into your advertising and marketing materials via:

  • Product packaging
  • Placement on print and/or online ads
  • Placement in product catalogues and brochures

Does your organization have a store front or other public facing presence?

Using our template artwork featured below, you can display in-store signage at your counter, window or booth with:

  • Stickers
  • Posters
  • Flyers

Is your organization active on social media?

You can easily generate awareness to your customers and supporters through Facebook and Twitter. You can also include the ORS message in monthly newsletters and other online community outreach tools.

Can you spread the word through local media? Safe firearm storage is an important message that can be promoted in your communities through local media. Submit a letter to the editor or issue a press release on the importance of – and your participation in – the ORS Initiative to promote safe and responsible firearm ownership in your community.

Getting Started

Use the toolkit of resources on this page to make the Initiative come alive. Please use these tools in the manner that best fits your organization’s outreach, marketing, social media and/or corporate responsibility goals, while supporting our effort to promote safe storage.

If you have additional ideas for generating awareness about the ORS Initiative, please call NSSF, as we would be pleased to work with you directly. With your help, we can take great strides in demonstrating our industry’s deep and ongoing commitment to safety.