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In an effort to spread the word more broadly on the industry’s important efforts, we have developed this easy-to-use resource to reach a wider audience.  Whether you use the text provided or customize your own message, let’s work together to spread the word about the important work we do and provide facts to counter the fiction related to our industry.

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All of us in the firearm industry know all we do to promote gun safety and keep firearms out of the wrong hands. However, many Americans remain unaware of our efforts. Together, we can amplify our collective efforts to the masses we all can share together. It’s more important now than ever to do so.

If everyone followed these safety rules there would be far fewer accidents.
All of us in the firearm industry know all we do to promote gun safety and keep firearms out of the wrong hands. However, many Americans remain unaware of our efforts.

Secure Storage

The #1 way to help prevent firearm accidents, theft and misuse? Safe and responsible storage. Gun owners have multiple options for safely storing and protecting firearms when they’re not in use.

Suicide Prevention

NSSF, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs are reminding gun owners of the role they can play in reducing the rate of suicide by helping to educate friends and family members about mental health, suicide prevention and how to recognize and respond when a person is going through a difficult time.


Hunters are the largest contributors to conservation, paying for programs that benefit all Americans and wildlife.

Economic Impact

The annual Firearm and Ammunition Industry Economic Impact Report provides a state-by-state breakdown of job numbers, wages and output covering direct, supplier and induced employment, as well as federal excise taxes paid.

The economic contributions of our industry are indisputably contributing to every state and every community.

Modern Sporting Rifles

The term “modern sporting rifle” was coined to describe today’s very popular semiautomatic rifle designs, including the AR-15 and its offspring. These rifles are used by hunters, competitors, a lot of Americans seeking home-defense guns and by many others who simply enjoy going to the range.

Though modern sporting rifles are increasingly popular, they are too often misunderstood.

Trending Topics

Trending topics in the news and on social media include so-called “ghost guns” and universal background checks, among many others.  There are many misconceptions on both subjects, and it is up to us to provide facts to dispel the myths and fiction that is used to grab headlines and misinform.

Universal Background Checks (UBC)


So-called “Ghost Guns”


More to Come

We will be expanding this space to include more resources and opportunities to amplify our message. Mobilizing our members, influencers and other supporters on social media to reach as large an audience as possible with these messages is critical to making our collective voice heard.