First Shots Clay Targets

Introduce people to the fun of breaking clay targets!

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Use this promotional brochure to share the program details with your staff, instructors, board members or anyone who will need to review the program before becoming a host range.

First Shots Clay Targets is ideal if:

First Shots Clay Targets is ideal if:

  • You are a shotgun facility with public range time that you want to fill up!  First Shots Clay Targets is designed to attract new customers to your range, and encourage them to come back for more fun.
  • You are interested in building community relations/community outreach to introduce your range/club neighbors to the fun and safe activities your facility offers.
  • You are an instructor looking for more students.
  • You are a fundraising event looking for a safe and enjoyable format to attract new shooters.

How to get started
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What you will provide:

  • Range access
  • Equipment, including firearms, ammunition and clay targets
  • Qualified instructor/coaches
  • Eager new shooters!


What NSSF will provide:

  • Eye/ear protection
  • Padfolio/course handbook
  • $25 reward coupon for each participant1, to be used on a return visit to your facility
  • $100 in program support for every 10 class participants2 (use to offset the cost of ammunition, clay targets or anything you need to host First Shots), up to a maximum of $500 per year
  • Access to post-event survey results to help you build your program
  • Resource center support
    • Email templates (to help you prepare shooters for what to expect when they arrive, and for follow up to help you bring them back to shoot again)
  • Your events will be listed on the nationally promoted Let’s Go Shooting calendar and your local Step Outside events page, making it easy for someone in your community to find your First Shots events
[1] Participant must complete the post-event survey to receive their reward certificate
[2] Based on participating range submitting the post-event report



The goal of First Shots Clay Targets is for shooters to have fun while being safe – and want to come back for more! The new First Shots Clay Targets outline was developed with the assistance of experienced shotgun instructors hosting First Shots Clay Targets events and input from the White Flyer staff and their pro staff members. Complete the “How to Get Started” form to review course materials and learn more.

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Timing of events may vary based on your facility and the instructors interactions with the student/s. Other host ranges have found that 90-120 minutes is ideal for a First Shots Clay Targets course.

Qualified instructors are recommended for hosting NSSF First Shots events. This is a great opportunity for Level 1 instructors to get experience and develop a new client base. For the best First Shots Clay Targets experience, we recommend a ratio of no more than 3 or 4 students to 1 instructor.

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Providing safe, fun, welcoming intro experiences is key to keeping First Shots Clay Targets participants hungry for their next round. Clear, positive communication combined with properly fitted shotguns, low recoil shotshells and easy targets is a recipe that will help set your students up for success right from the start. During your wrap up discussions, let your participants know about the next-step options your facility offers for their next visit such as private instruction, leagues, open range time, memberships and retail or social options.

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Provide your First Shots Clay Targets participants with the information to claim their $25 coupon to be used exclusively at your facility. It’s a great way to get them back to break more clays and start their shooting sports journey!

Promotional Brochure (PDF)

Big Thanks to our First Shots Industry Sponsors for their generous program support and commitment to continued growth in shooting sports participation:

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