First Shots: Marketing

Promoting Your First Shots Event

We know your big question is going to be:

“How do I get the word out about First Shots Events and draw new shooters to my range? AND keep them coming back?”

There are lots of places you can advertise your First Shots events including digital channels (social media, email), printed materials (postcards, flyers, brochures), radio, television and billboards. Here’s a rundown that includes information and ideas on the most effective and affordable methods being used by successful ranges today:

Social Media:

Posting regularly on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter is a great way to create awareness and get people to engage socially with your range.

  • Post regularly about upcoming First Shots events, classes that have just completed and testimonials from participants.
  • Let people know how easy it is to sign up; create a link to your website solely for your First Shots events.
  • Put them at ease about their first shooting experience and assure them it’s going to be FUN.
  • Get creative and encourage people to participate by commenting and sharing the information with their social friends!


Do you have an email list? You can start building one by adding a “Sign Up for Range Updates” feature to your website.

  • Collect emails from range visitors and class attendees. Invite them back to your range!
  • Build your email list and then routinely email them with information about upcoming classes and new things happening at your range.
  • Introduce a new instructor or new feature you’ve added.

The key with email communications is timely and routine follow up. Keep your range “top of the list” in their email inbox whenever possible!

Word of Mouth:

Promote your First Shots event schedule around your business with in-store flyers, postcards at checkout and encourage current range customers to tell their friends. Have your employees to talk about First Shots with every customer. You could even give current customers an incentive if they bring in new customers for you…discounts on future classes, shop products or other special offers. Testimonials from current customers about a positive experience at your range can go a long way in getting new faces to join!

Other Advertising Options

  • Print media ads (local newspapers)
  • Radio and/or Television Ads
  • Press Releases
  • Local Chamber of Commerce support / advertising
How to get started
Schedule Your Event

Overall tips to make your event promotion more successful:

  • Promote online registration capabilities if you have them. Create a link to your website solely for your First Shots events; make it as easy and hassle free as possible.
  • Emphasize the FUN (and safety). Make them at ease with the experience.
  • Use testimonials from past events – use the incredible power of positive comments from other First Shots participants.
  • Emphasize the $25 Reward for attending the event. Ask your instructors to remind participants about taking the post event survey to get a $25 coupon to use the next time they visit your range. People love to save money, and your range will get great feedback from the survey they complete to get their reward.

Overall tips to make your event promotion more successful:

Big Thanks to our First Shots Industry Sponsors for their generous program support and commitment to continued growth in shooting sports participation:

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