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Master Firearms Compliance: Secure Your FFL with Expert ATF Insights

This FREE webinar, “Master Firearms Compliance: Avoid ATF Administrative Action, Secure Your FFL with Expert ATF Insights,” was held on September 11, 2023.

Discover essential strategies to safeguard your Federal Firearms License (FFL) during this informative webinar. In today’s dynamic regulatory environment, the risk of ATF administrative actions, including license revocation, demands proactive measures. In this critical webinar, NSSF Compliance Consultants John ‘JC’ Clark and John ‘JB’ Bocker share timely compliance wisdom and ATF revocation expertise. A must-watch experience for all FFL holders!

Key Takeaways:

  • FFL Protection: Elevate your compliance game to shield your FFL from ATF administrative actions and potential license revocation.
  • Navigating ATF Hearings: Gain insights into the ATF Notice of Revocation process and how to navigate it effectively.
  • Elevate Compliance Standards: Excel in FFL compliance to ace future ATF inspections and maintain success.
  • Expert Best Practices: Uncover top industry practices to maintain airtight FFL operations, reducing the risk of ATF scrutiny.
  • Success Strategies: Learn from experienced FFL holders who’ve successfully navigated complex regulations, avoiding ATF revocation hearings.

Watch this knowledge-packed session, where industry pros offer actionable insights to empower your FFL compliance journey. Don’t leave your FFL’s future to chance – equip yourself for success!

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