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September 13, 2016

NSSF’s Customized Market Reports — Taking the Pulse of the People and Businesses Around Your Enterprise

NSSF's Customized Market Report - the People and Businesses Around Your Enterprise

Smart business owners back their risks with research. Whether that risk is a brand new storefront, expanding a current footprint, establishing additional locations or even just keeping tabs on how population and business demographics in your region are changing, NSSF’s Customized Market Report (CMR) is the easiest way to obtain a precise picture of your business and its potential for success. These in-depth, highly detailed reports provide:

  • Endemic population statistics vital to your business. You’ll see age ranges, employment types and numbers, household income, education levels and more so you can to target and market to those audiences most likely to spend in your store — and discover those you might not have otherwise considered.
  • Stats on what your region’s shooters are using. Handgun or shotgun, rifle, airgun, muzzleloader and archery — even paintball — you’ll see who’s shooting what.
  • The lowdown on your competition, both those directly competing and those that have the potential to complement your product offerings and services through partnering.
  • Detailed trend information on population growth, cultural shifts and income changes. This allows you to be a proactive marketer, rather than reacting to things going on around your business.

Along with the wealth of data in your CMR, you’ll also receive suggested marketing strategies that will allow you to see what others are doing as a way to help grow your customer base and improve loyalty.

Contracting with a private research firm for this kind of data can cost thousands of dollars. But NSSF Customized Market Reports are just $625 for our Members. (Non-members may order reports at a cost of $6,250). And when we say these reports are custom, we mean it, because you determine the area you want researched, up to a radius of 35 miles of your establishment. Learn more about ordering your Customized Market Report online here. For more information on these reports, contact Dianne Vrablic, NSSF Research Coordinator, at 203-426-1320 x263 or

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