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March 10, 2015

Respected Insurance Company Supports NSSF Members

NSSF partners with a highly respected insurance company that specializes in policies for our members in the firearms industry.

Our affinity benefits partner in this endeavor has more than 75 years experience, with the last 36 of those years dedicated to serving firearms and ammunition manufacturers, retailers, gunsmiths, firearms instructors, indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, hunting and shooting clubs, wholesalers and distributors. A family run business backed by passionate sportsmen, this company understands the unique insurance needs of those in our industry. Services our benefits partner can provide include:

  • ATF defense coverage
  • Commercial general liability
  • Product and operation coverage
  • Excess liability limits
  • Third-party medical expense coverage
  • Personal and advertising liability riders
  • Burglary and theft coverage
  • Goods in transit coverage
  • Machinery and equipment coverage
  • Flood, earthquake and fire policies
  • Glass and sign coverage
  • Income protection
  • Employee background and screening checks

Our affinity benefit partner is backed by a tightly knit team of professional insurers who understand your business as well as you do. From comprehensive policy underwriting to loss prevention tools and timely claim handling, this is a company our members can be sure has their best interests in hand.  To learn more about this NSSF Affinity Member benefit, contact NSSF member services at Need to join NSSF to take advantage of member benefits? Click here.

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