Starting Point – Compliance for Startups

Compliance Resource Exclusively for Startups

Starting Point is a comprehensive compliance and startup resource for NSSF members entering the firearms industry and NEW FFL holders. Starting Point is designed to guide you through the hurdles of getting your firearms retail business up and running by providing an expert firearms consultant to work with you as you take your first steps.

Compliance Resource Exclusively for Startups
What You Get

What You Get

  • A one-year membership with the NSSF, which includes business discounts, tools and services hand selected for those professionals in the firearms industry.
  • A full-day one-on-one in-person training session with one of our expert compliance consultants.
  • Access to a 24/7 ATF Compliance and Store Security Hotline.
  • Unlimited access to the NSSF’s SHOT University Online, where you can train yourself and your staff at your own convenience
  • Free risk and security self-assessment form
  • Discounted pricing on the 4473 Overlay Tool
  • FREE straw purchase training and awareness kit

Your Onsite Training Session

With our full-day training session, our compliance consultant will explain or provide:

  • How to accurately complete your FFL application and prepare for your initial interview with your ATF Industry Operations Investigator.
  • How to create processes and polices that will govern your compliance operations before your store opens.
  • How to legally participate in gun shows, internet sales, firearm rentals and NFA sales.
  • An in-depth review of the Form 4473, A&D recordkeeping, multiple sales reports and background check processes.
  • A detailed approach to identifying straw purchases
  • Your rights as an FFL
  • What to expect (and how to react) to your first ATF FFL inspection.
Your Investment

Your Investment

  • One-Year Premium Retail Membership—$750
  • Starting Point On-Site Consultation— Complimentary/Included with 1st Year of Membership
  • 24/7 ATF Compliance and Store Security Hotline (Unlimited usage—Free)
  • Access to the full library of SHOT University OnlineTM training courses (Unlimited usage—Free)

These services, when acquired individually from third-party service providers, can easily exceed $5,000. Ongoing consulting services can cost as much as $200 per hour!

Your savings with NSSF’s Starting Point program are significant! To take advantage of this valuable offer and schedule your training, contact NSSF Membership at or 203-426-1320 ext. 209.

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