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January 9, 2023

ATF Q&A: A&D Books

I have a question regarding entering a pistol in my A&D Book. The pistol in question is an FN 502, made by Umarex in Germany for FN America. Technically the manufacturer is Umarex and the importer is FN America, LLC. What is the proper way to enter this into my A&D book?

Since 1968, the data FFLs have needed to enter in their firearms A&D record for imported firearms has included both the foreign manufacturer and the US importer.  As stated in ATF regulation 27 CFR 478.125 (e), “The record shall show the date of receipt, the name and address or the name and license number of the person from whom received, the name of the manufacturer and importer (if any), the model, serial number, type, and the caliber or gauge of the firearm….”

Since August 24, 2022, the column heading where this information is entered is “Manufacturer, importer and/or ‘Privately Made Firearm’ (PMF) (If privately made in the U.S.)”.

A very common way that FFLs enter this information is with a ‘/’ between manufacturer and importer ‘Umarex/FN America’. 

For all imported firearms, this information is on the firearm.  Be sure to examine them carefully, particularly shotguns, to locate it.

FFLs need to be mindful that the same information should be recorded on question 1 of Form 4473.



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