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FREE WEBINAR: Update for FFLs on ATF’s ‘Final Rule,’ and Biden/DOJ ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy

Important updates for all FFLs on the Biden/DOJ ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy and ATF’s ‘Final Rule,’ including ATF Frame and Receiver Ruling, PMF (aka “Ghost Gun”) Marking Requirements and FFL Recordkeeping Changes.

It is now more critical than ever for firearm retailers and manufacturer FFLs, to maintain complete, accurate and timely processes and records.

As a business operating within the Firearm Industry, you are likely well aware of recently announced regulatory requirements, including ATF’s new frame and receiver ruling and changes to FFL recordkeeping obligations (ATF Final Rule 2021R-05F). Additionally, while the publicity surrounding the Biden Administration’s “Zero Tolerance” policy has appeared to be directed against retail FFLs, this directive also applies directly to firearm manufacturers.

Join NSSF’s Compliance Team Members Harry McCabe and Wally Nelson for important updates on these topics on Monday, May 23, at 11 a.m. Eastern. In this session, Harry and Wally, both retired ATF Deputy Assistant Directors with a combined 80 years of ATF experience, will begin with a review of the ATF regulatory requirements that all FFLs should know to help avoid getting stung by a “Zero Tolerance” inspection. The duo will then provide an assessment and guidance for what we know so far about the new marking requirements for so-called “ghost guns” and expanded rules for Records Retention, including important dates and deadlines to mark on your calendars and resources to gather to help you comply in a timely manner.

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