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March 23, 2022

‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy Update – Biden’s Efforts Targeting ‘Rogue Gun Dealers’

Navigating Biden’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy – Recording Now Available

'Zero Tolerance' Policy Update -- Biden's Efforts Targeting 'Rogue Gun Dealers' -- Webinar with NSSF Compliance Consultant John "JC" ClarkThe ATF has been directed by the Biden Administration and the leadership in the Department of Justice to implement a “Zero Tolerance” policy targeting what they are calling “Rogue Gun Dealers.” Unfortunately, with this new policy, the expectations for FFLs have been set even higher where compliance is concerned, to the point where even a single violation could create a scenario for licensure revocation.

In this session, you’ll hear from John “JC” Clark with FFL Consultants and a member of the NSSF Compliance Consultant Team who is currently supporting several Federal Firearm Licensees that are actively attempting to save their FFL and livelihoods due to receiving a Notice of Revocation. Learn what “Zero Tolerance” means and gain insights into what these FFLs are experiencing, and why you need to pay attention during an ATF inspection.

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