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January 11, 2018

SHOT Show Update: More Popular Articles to Help You Make the Most of SHOT Show

With thousands of exhibitors, attendees, booths and opportunities for success at SHOT Show we want to help you and your business thrive in the excitement. The 2018 SHOT Show will open in less than two weeks, so now is the time to solidify your plans. As you set meetings with retailers, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers, we want to remind you there are a lot of important things happening at SHOT Show. To help you identify them we have highlighted several education sessions and stories that will help you make the most out of the show.

40th Anniversary

SHOT Show will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary. To commemorate this event we have asked a handful of today’s top outdoor writers to interview major exhibitors in hope that their SHOT Show stories will help you avoid similar mistakes and experience similar triumphs.

1. An interview with Ruger
Sturm, Ruger, and Company has been a prominent exhibitor at the SHOT Show since the beginning. With the Ruger family no longer directly involved in the company, hear from long-time engineer and SHOT Show exhibitor Mark Gurney, who believes that “SHOT is [y]our best chance to work directly with [y]our core retail customers.”

2. An interview with Steve Hornady
Hornady is an industry leader in ammunition-manufacturing and innovation. See why company President Steve Hornady says SHOT Show “is key to both maintaining and building our business. There’s nothing like a face-to-face meeting [to get a better] understanding [of] what your customers, vendors and suppliers want, what they can do and what they can’t do.”

Working the Show

“Working the Show” is designed to help retailers and range owners of all sizes realize the most from their time and money spent in Las Vegas every year at SHOT Show. We share how various successful firearms retailers across the country plan for SHOT Week and what they’re looking to accomplish while they’re at the show.

3. Watson Chamber Defense Institute
Attending SHOT Show is crucial for WCDI. It is where the company president can educate himself on the latest products so that he stocks the freshest items available. Being up to date is particularly important because WCDI is very active on social media, where real-time discussions on the newest products are the norm.

SHOT Show University

SHOT Show University is a one-day conference taking place Monday, Jan. 22, the day before SHOT Show, featuring high-profile keynote speakers sharing their expertise on leadership, economic forecasting and other important retail topics. Add some of these key sessions into your SHOT plan; registration is open.

4. Profits Aren’t Everything
Do profits equal a healthy business? The obvious answer would seem to be “Yes,” but the reality is that profits are not the be-all-end-all of a thriving and sound FFL or range operation. Business expert Robbie Brown will explore this idea in depth during his second session of the 2018 SHOT Show University’s Retailer 101 learning track, “Evaluate the Health of your Business.”

5. Destination Ranges
What can today’s firearms range owners do to create a range that people are drawn to, one that they make a point of going to? Whether it’s through retrofitting, expanding an existing range, or by building one from the blueprints up, you, too, can have a range that people flock to. Learn how at SHOT Show University’s “Evolution of the Modern Range” session, which is part of the Range learning track.

6. Range Profits
Many small businesses are sitting on a wealth of information that can help them improve their business practices, marketing and customer engagement, but few know how to collect and apply that information. Thankfully, today we have a number of solutions that can easily harness the customer data around us and define the road to improvement — and profits. Attend the SHOT Show University session “Data Collection for Small Business” and you will learn how to optimize your business plans through the use of data analytics and demographics.

7. FFL Compliance
Central to any FFL’s compliance program is accurate and timely maintenance of the Acquisition and Disposition (A&D) Book (also known as the Bound Book). Our 2018 SHOT Show University session, “The Next Piece of the Compliance Puzzle — The A&D Book,” is designed to keep your firearms Bound Book on the straight and narrow.

8. Suppressors, Oh My!
With the liberation of suppressor use in more than 40 states, they have become one of the hottest trends boosting sales among today’s FFLs.  National Firearms Act (NFA) products are a great niche that can deliver relatively high margins, while also providing a way to differentiate your store in a crowded retail environment. The 2018 SHOT Show University session “NFA Compliance” was designed specifically to address the growing pool of NFA dealers seeking to capitalize on these benefits.

Executive Management Seminar

The executive management seminar takes place the day before SHOT Show, Monday, Jan. 22. These seminars offer specialized training that addresses the needs of industry professionals from up-and-coming managers to presidents and CEOs.

9. Dr. Tim Irwin
Some leaders make an impact, while others falter after initial success. The successful endure all the perils and pitfalls leaders inevitably face, while others are seduced by their power, wealth or fame and contribute to their own downfall. Which do you want to be?

Learn what determines whether a leader prospers, fails or flounders when you attend the 2018 Executive Management Seminar keynote, “Impact: Great Leadership Changes Everything.”

Retailer and Range Seminars

The retailer and range seminars run throughout SHOT Show, giving you the flexibility to mix each day with education and exhibits. Each course is designed to help you learn more about industry challenges, better management practices and provide a plethora of information to help shooting ranges and FFLs: Don’t miss out on these great tips.

10. The Customer YouTube Connection
Ron Weber, a technology expert with more than 20 years’ experience in the high-tech business, will be presenting a seminar on growing your small business online. Sure, you need Facebook and Instagram, but if you want to really reach new customers, YouTube is the place to be. Video advertising is one of the most advantageous ways to do this, since video consumption is growing at an unprecedented rate, especially with mobile users. Learn how to succeed online at the 2018 SHOT Show.

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