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March 1, 2011

Shooting Sports Summit Registration Open

Stakeholders in the Future of Shooting and Hunting Urged to Attend

If you’re associated with hunting and target shooting and care about preserving them for future generations to enjoy, the 2011 Shooting Sports Summit June 7-9 in Louisville, Kentucky, is the place to be.

Those who register by March 31 will receive considerable savings.

Organized by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, trade association for the firearms industry, the Summit provides an opportunity for you to learn about the latest recruitment and retention initiatives and to be part of the discussion about new strategies.

Scheduled speakers include Tim Pawlenty, a two-term governor of Minnesota who is considered a potential Republican president candidate. Past Shooting Sports Summits have provided exciting speakers on generational marketing and the use of social media. That tradition will continue with the appearance of new media expert Brian Solis, author of the social media book “Engage.”

More than 150 stakeholders came together at the 2009 Shooting Sports Summit, leading to the implementation of several Models of Success efforts to grow participation. Attendees of the 2011 Summit will hear reports about state projects that have demonstrated the potential for large-scale success, with the ultimate goal of rolling out “models” for other states to implement.

Since the first Shooting Sports Summit in the 1990s, these gatherings have attracted key decision makers and opinion leaders from the firearms industry, conservation community and state wildlife agencies. Past Summits have yielded great results, sparking ideas that have led to many worthwhile programs to promote and preserve hunting and shooting. New times demand new ideas, however, and the 2011 Shooting Sports Summit will take up that challenge. Be a part of it.

Learn more about the 2011 Shooting Sports Summit and sponsorship opportunities, and register.

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