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February 28, 2011

NSSF Response to Multiple Sales Proposal Runs in Post

An NSSF letter to the editor was published today in the Washington Post, responding to an editorial endorsing the ATF proposal to require licensed dealers in four Southwest states to report the sale of multiple long guns to the same individual. The Post, calling the measure “common sense,” decried the recent bipartisan majority vote in the House to block the implementation of the proposal.  Going a step further, the paper attacked industry’s opposition to the mandate as an “irresponsible aversion.”

In its response, NSSF explained the problems of multiple sales reporting, while reminding readers that we, as an industry, “strongly encourage all firearms retailers, not just those in the four border states, to contact the ATF whenever they suspect an illegal straw purchase or other efforts to acquire firearms for illegal purposes.”

To read the NSSF Letter to the Editor, click here.


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