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November 14, 2016

Quick Tips on How To Prevent Pilferage from Shoplifters

To avoid becoming a target for shoplifting, do the following;

  1. Display higher value items close to and in view of your staff
  2. Keep shelves, displays and peg hooks filled to quickly identify missing items
  3. Angle merchandise displays to allow for easy visibility from your gun counters
  4. Create a culture whereby every customer is greeted and acknowledges
  5. Prompt staff to engage in conversation with patrons and avoid the old “help you find something”
  6. Promote the practice of making eye contact with every guest while completing store tasks
  7. Communicate all incidents of empty packaging or missing inventory with staff consistently to raise awareness
  8. If available, direct security cameras towards areas where shoplifting is known to occur
  9. Offer to “hold items at the counter” for customers you suspect of attempting to shoplift

For more FFL security information, visit NSSF Security information.

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