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June 11, 2024

NSSF Praises Louisiana Gov. Landry for Signing FIND Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. — NSSF®, The Firearm Industry Trade Association, praised Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry for signing the Firearm Industry Nondiscrimination (FIND) Act. The law, SB 234, prohibits state agencies from entering into contracts with corporations that discriminate against the firearm industry. Gov. Landry signed the law at a signing ceremony in Baton Rouge, La., today.

Louisiana’s FIND Act will prevent “woke” corporate banks with discriminatory policies against firearm industry members from collecting taxpayer dollars through state contracts. Louisianans will choose to do business with those companies that do not discriminate based on an industry these corporate banks may not like or with which they disagree.

“Governor Landry’s leadership in Louisiana was the inspiration behind the FIND Act. While Attorney General and serving on the State Bond Commission, he helped deny hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer-funded work to ‘woke’ Wall Street banks that were refusing to provide our industry essential financial services,” said Darren LaSorte, NSSF’s Director, Government Relations – State Affairs. “If he could do it administratively, we could do it statutorily. The Louisiana legislature passed the FIND Act in 2021, but it was vetoed by then-Governor John Bel Edwards. Today’s bill signing by Governor Landry demonstrates that elections have real consequences. By signing the FIND Act, Governor Landry is signaling to our industry that Louisiana is now a place where firearm industry members are welcomed with open arms.”

The FIND Act was sponsored by state Sen. Blake Miguez. The bill approved in 2021, but vetoed by the former governor, was also sponsored by Sen. Miguez, when he previously served in the state’s House of Representatives.

Louisiana’s FIND Act will require corporate banks and financial service providers seeking contracts valued at $100,000 or greater with the state and its municipalities to certify that they hold no discriminatory policies against firearm industry businesses. Contracts that are certified and later discovered to be out of compliance with the law, will be subject to cancellation.

NSSF thanks Gov. Landry and his staff, as well as Sen. Miguez and state Rep. Troy Romero, for their active participation throughout the legislative process to successfully advance the FIND Act into law. The dedication to stand for Louisianans’ rights, businesses and interests over Wall Street banks enabled the FIND Act to become law.


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