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May 17, 2016

NSSF and First Shots — Helping You Connect with New Shooters

By Tisma Juett

Last month I had the pleasure of speaking at The Well Armed Woman Mid-South Region’s First Annual Purple Pow Wow. The 70 women who comprise the region’s chapters are active members and leaders who came to the Pow Wow to learn more about the shooting sports and how they can increase participation in their groups. I was happy to provide them with information on the First Shots program

First Shots is a three-hour event that, from the host perspective, can be used as a marketing tool to help attract new customers to their facility. The first 90 minutes are spent in the classroom discussing firearms safety, education and responsibility with the attendees. The second 90 minutes are spent on the range helping these new shooters take their important first shots in a safe and controlled environment. That safe and controlled environment is key to attracting new shooters and teaching them safe and responsible gun handling, and the program also has the added benefits of helping to dispel myths about the shooting sports and shows how much fun it is to participate in these activities.

The first step to hosting a First Shots event is to be a shooting range who is a member of the NSSF. To help with your first First Shots event the NSSF will provide you with a reference guide, a PowerPoint presentation, .22 LR ammunition, targets and cooperative advertising funds to help announce the event to your community. Watch the short video below to find out what others say about the program.

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