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August 27, 2015

Five Reasons to Invest in a Customized Market Report

Smart business owners back their risk with research. For firearm retailers and range owners, NSSF’s Customized Market Reports are the answer to getting that research down. Here are five ways these in-depth, highly detailed reports can help you make better business decisions.

  1. You’ll gain vital statistics about the population endemic to your store. This includes age range, employment (both numbers employed and types of employment), household income, education levels and more. This allows you to target and market to those audiences most likely to spend in your store — and discover those you didn’t consider before.
  2. You’ll learn what the customers in your area like to shoot! Handgun, shotgun, rifle, and airgun target shooters, plus firearms hunters, muzzleloading hunters, and bow hunters — even paintball enthusiasts — are all estimated for your specific location.
  3. NSSF’s Customized Market Reports reveal who’s competing with you — and who might just be a similar or complementary business you can partner with.
  4. Each report contains detailed trend information on population growth, cultural shifts and income changes. This allows you to be a proactive marketer, rather than a store owner reacting to things going on around your business.
  5. Several highly specific, targeted marketing suggestions are provided with each report, helping you to immediately map out an educated plan of action.

Contracting for such research through private firms can cost thousands of dollars. But NSSF Customized Market Reports are just $625 for our members (non-members may also order reports at a cost of $6,250). Each report analyzes the data for populations inhabiting an area up to a radius of 35 miles of your establishment. For more information on these reports and how they can help you in your business planning, contact Dianne Vrablic, NSSF Research Coordinator at 203-426-1320 x263 or

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