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September 21, 2011

All Pa. farmers don’t oppose Sunday hunting

A column that ran in this week’s Pennsylvania Outdoor News addressed the misconception that farmers throughout the state oppose Sunday Hunting.

According to the Farm Bureau, the overwhelming majority of Keystone State farmers oppose allowing more Sunday hunting. But increasingly we have been hearing from farmers across the state who are quietly saying that is not true.

“Why should the state tell me what I can do on my own land on any given day of the week,” said one agricultural producer. “It’s my land, and I should control it. I don’t need the state to forbid hunting on Sunday on my property. I can handle that myself, if that is my choice.

“As a member of the Farm Bureau, I will not hesitate to tell you that the group is not representing my best interest as a landowner,” he added. “I could not be more opposed to the Farm Bureau.”

Most people understand that farmers need hunters.  This explains why farmers never closed off land in other states where Sunday hunting bans were lifted.

There are also strong economic benefits to allowing Sunday hunting.  A report released by a coalition of America’s leading conservation, sportsmen’s and hunting organizations has found that removal of Sunday hunting restrictions would result in an estimated 8,190 new Pennsylvania jobs. The report also notes that these jobs would pay more than $245 million in wages and contribute approximately $765 million in additional economic activity to the state.

If you live in the keystone state and care about protecting and preserving the future of our hunting traditions, then it’s important that you contact your elected state officials and urge them to support HB 1760, which would repeal the old blue law still on the books that bans Sunday hunting.

Visit the Sunday Hunting Coalition Website here.

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