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June 11, 2018

3 Things You Missed at the 2018 NSSF Industry Summit

The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s (NSSF) 2018 Industry Summit could now be at the top of the charts for the best NSSF Industry Summit to date. The event took place last week, June 4-6, in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and left more than 200 industry leaders applauding for a successful event.

Through its dynamic speakers, thought-provoking discussions and groundbreaking research, NSSF’s 2018 Industry Summit served to introduce new ideas and perspectives to professionals in the industry, identify the potential of today’s technology and highlight emerging trends and market strategies.

Here are three important takeaways from the 2018 Summit.

See photos from the 2018 NSSF Industry Summit


2018 NSSF Industry Summit

Company Culture is Critical … and it adds to Industry Culture

Every company has its own culture and in order to attract good talent and influence the public positively, every business must take a good look at themselves and ask “Why would someone want to work here, let alone be my customer?” — words from speaker Steve Cadigan. Not only can you ask that question for your company — we can ask that question as an industry. Every individual is a building block to a company, and every company in the industry is a building block to our industry culture. What is your business adding to the way younger generations perceive our industry? Do your employees take pride in what they do for your business? Everything is about experience and making people feel empowered, moral and a part of something, so let’s give our customers, employees and ourselves the experience we are all yearning for.

The Importance of New Perspective and Disruption

It’s important for every professional in the industry to cultivate each other and think in new ways. In his session “Leading Business Thinkers on Innovation Strategy,” Luke Williams explained how continuity and discontinuity can feed off each other to improve the way we do things. Technology has changed the landscapes of many industries, so that is one area of disruption we can see growth coming from. But also, given the political landscape of our industry, it is important to continue asking ourselves uncomfortable questions to ensure that we all have leading voices in national discussions around firearms safety and product innovation.

In Phil Hansen’s keynote “Overcoming Adversity” he reminded attendees that things don’t always appear to be what they are intended to be until people see them from an intended perspective. At the end of his keynote, Hansen stated “Ask yourself what if, instead of what is.” In other words, don’t let limit yourself on what you’ve been taught to believe. Challenge your beliefs and see if you can take yourself, your company and our industry to the next level.

Nothing Beats Networking and Sharing Ideas

Between the tour at Daniel Defense’s headquarters, two receptions and the chatter between speakers, some of the most critical things one could take from the 2018 NSSF Industry Summit were the industry-specific discussions between professionals in our industry. It is discussions like those that bring life to new ideas that will benefit our industry in the future.

See photos from the 2018 NSSF Industry Summit

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