ATF Q&A: Licensing

a.) I am an FFL in Washington State, where my business is incorporated. Business-owned firearms are for sale at our store and at private gun shows, where only members who have had an FBI check can privately trade. Must I conduct background checks to sell these firearms at the gun show? b.) At these gun shows may I also sell firearms from my private collection, which are not part of the business?

Can I display my private collection for sale or trade next to my business inventory? Can I sell from my private collection without doing NICS checks and completing Form 4473s?

May a person obtain a dealers license to engage in business only at gun shows?

My FFL is going to expire soon. What steps do I have to take in order to renew my license in a timely manner?

In California, am I required to be licensed by CA DOJ to sell firearm precursor parts?

What is the latest ATF Ruling Regarding Arm Braces?

When does the ATF Ruling Regarding Arm Braces go into effect?

What is the effect of the factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached "Stabilizing Braces" Final Rule?

What are the compliance options for an FFL holder in possession of firearms equipped with a "stabilizing brace," which is an SBR, after the effective date of the final rule?

If I chose to register a stabilizing-brace equipped SBR, do I have to pay the NFA registration tax?