Buying Your First Gun

Infographic: Buying Your First Gun

Buying your first gun? Firearm ownership is a right enjoyed by many Americans, and with that right comes the responsibility to safely handle and store firearms.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation® and Project ChildSafe® remind new gun owners in particular of the many firearm safety materials they make available to help prevent accidents, theft and misuse.

These firearm safety materials and more can be found in the “Resources for New Gun Owners” section at


Give Your Purchase Careful Consideration

Talk to family members about your reasons for purchasing; consult a firearm retailer about choosing the right firearm for your budget and intended use. Learn about gun laws.

Find a Retailer | Road to Responsibility | Paths to Gun Safety

Safely Handle and Store Your Firearms

Know the basic rules of gun safety. Understand safe storage options available to you. Talk to your children about gun safety.

Safe Storage Options | Gun Safety Video | Kids Gun Safety Videos

Keeping a Gun for Home Protection

A lock box is a good choice to provide ready access to you but prevent access by children and others.

Gun Safety Video | Safe Storage Video

Improve Your Skills

Take a course with a certified instructor. Understand how your gun works. Practice to improve safe handling and marksmanship skills.

NSSF YouTube Channel | Range Safety & Etiquette Video

Enjoy the Shooting Sports

Target shooting is a fun, social activity. Join a shooting league or organization. Hunting might be for you. |