Industry Growth Initiatives

Strength in Numbers

We do what we do for them, the hunters, competitors, just-for-fun target shooters, self-defense practitioners and collectors of America. We do what we do because they are us. Continuing our legacy, our history, means welcoming all we can to the fold, showing them how safe, enjoyable and all-inclusive firearm ownership and shooting are. With our members’ input, NSSF develops the initiatives that promote that growth, remove barriers to entry and spread appreciation for the gun owners of this country.

NSSF Member Companies Walk the +ONE Walk

NSSF members Ruger and Sig Sauer took the initiative to look internally for +ONE opportunities on the hunting side and the results were eye-opening. To the surprise of some, there was an overwhelming response to participate from staff at both companies, and a lottery had to be set up to select a dozen staff from each organization to attend this +ONE learn-to-hunt program.
Watch this Effort Unfold

+ONE Movement


Accept the challenge to take someone new–if everyone became a mentor, we’d double participation in a year!

National Shooting Sports Month


This year the shooting sports industry has experienced unprecedented growth. August is our time as an industry to celebrate our heritage, patriotism, promote Pro Second Amendment values, and love for the shooting sports.



The First Shots program supports NSSF-member range facilities across the country as you safely and enjoyably introduce individuals to the fun of shooting.

Let's Go Hunting

The barriers to getting started hunting can seem insurmountable to a newcomer. The website provides information how to do just that as well as facilitating existing hunters becoming mentors.


Let's Go Shooting

Providing information for new shooters on what to expect and how to get started plus many resources for those seeking a new challenge or insight how to improve their shooting, the website has all of this and more!


Government Relations Efforts

NSSF advocates for measures on behalf of and works in defense of the firearms and ammunition industry at all levels and before all branches of government, determining threats or benefits to the industry, developing strategies to address those activities and act through lobbying, grassroots advocacy and public affairs efforts.

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