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July 11, 2017

ATF Q&A: Firearms Transactions

A customer leaves a firearm for repair. When it is ready, he is unable to pick it up, but he does want it for a hunt the next day. So he sends an adult (over 21) family member to pick it up. May I issue it to that person, and if so, do we have to complete a 4473?

Once the FFL has verified that a family member of the person who dropped the firearm off for repair is picking it up, the family member must complete Section A of Form 4473 and must be the subject of a NICS background check. Please be aware that in such cases the family member need not answer question 11a on Form 4473. Additionally, it is recommended that the licensee indicate that the Form 4473 is for a repair pick up in block 31 of Form 4473.