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July 11, 2017

ATF Q&A: 4473 Forms

During compliance inspections, can the inspecting officer physically take all of the dealers Forms 4473 back to his office for further review at his convenience?

It is standard procedure for ATF inspections to be conducted on the premises of the licensee being inspected; however, there may be some very rare instances when the ATF officer believes the inspection could be expedited by removing the records from the premises for review.  In those very rare cases, it is okay to allow the ATF officer to remove the records under the following conditions.

The Forms 4473 are the property of the licensee until that licensee goes out of business and submits the records to the ATF Out of Business Records Center. ATF may, with the licensees consent, take the Forms 4473 off premises. If done, ATF will issue a receipt for the forms, which the licensee is expected to retain in his permanent records until the forms are returned. The receipt, at a minimum, should contain the date the forms are being removed from the premises, the total number of forms involved, the time period covered by the forms, and the name, title and telephone number of the ATF officer removing the records.” For more information, read When You Are Inspected.