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Exhibitor Academy: Your Final Checklist for SHOT Show 2024

This Exhibitor Academy webinar, “Your Final Checklist for SHOT Show 2024,” will be held on December 13, 2023.

Join us Wednesday, December 13, to review the often overlooked last-minute tasks that matter most …and more!

By the final month before SHOT Show 2024, you should be feeling confident because you’ve put in the work and just need to get your team across the finish line. In reality, that isn’t always how things turn out (no judgement!) and some exhibitors will be feeling a bit stressed as they try to cram several months of hard work into just one. In either case, this session can help you.

Our favorite trade show trainer, Robyn at Exhibitors WINH, is back to review the often-overlooked last minute trade show tasks that matter most with you, highlighting resources and opportunities you may have missed. Plus, she’ll address your most important last-minute questions and share updates from the SHOT Show team.

** Pro Tip: this time of year may be especially busy, so make sure you’ve got this session on your schedule. Robyn’s advice may just be what you need to get your exhibiting efforts (back) on track and keep them there.

Wednesday, December 13 | 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET

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