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September 27, 2019

VIDEO: Selling Waterfowl Equipment Can Increase Your Profits

By Shari LeGate, FMG Publications

Serious waterfowl hunters keep track of waterfowl migration long before the hunting season starts. For them waterfowl hunting is year-round, not just a season and the same holds true for the waterfowl retailer. Preparing your customers for waterfowl hunting should be year-round, not just a few months before opening day.

There is so much needed for waterfowl hunting, a retailer has the opportunity to position themselves as a premier waterfowler supplier.

From decoys to clothing, the waterfowler is going to need lots of equipment for a successful season and in many cases, they’re relying on the retailer to be knowledgeable and recommend the proper and latest gear available.

The Customer’s Sucess is Your Success

Ensuring the waterfowler’s buying experience is as good as their actual hunting experience is paramount to building a relationship with your customer. Their success in the field is your success as a retailer.

Interact with the customer by asking questions pertaining to their previous season. What products did they primarily use? How’s the hunting been? What did they learn to apply for next year? These may seem like generic questions, but it shows the customer the retailer is trying to help them, not just sell them, so the next time they walk through the door, they feel connected and new selling opportunities present themselves.

One of the more gear-intensive hunting activities, the waterfowler’s equipment extends far beyond merely guns and ammunition. Add in waterproof gear, including shell bags, waders, parkas, gloves and boots. Shotgunning accessories. Blind bags and accessories, duck and goose calls and decoys. And in some cases, even boats.

Communication is Key

As with other hunters, new products drive interest among waterfowlers. Communicating with manufacturers is as important as communicating with your customer as the manufacturer or distributor can give you insight into trend changes, consumer preferences and what new products are coming out. Utilize the research and data manufacturers have available to retailers to determine what to stock and when.

Keep abreast of where the waterfowl is and keep your waterfowl customer informed. Use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram with updates on flyway patterns and migration.  Have migration maps and hunting reports accessible.

Send out email blasts when migration alerts are posted to favorite flyways and have information readily available on the waterfowl hunting laws and regulations for your area.

Finally, join the National Shooting Sports Foundation®’s +OneSM Movement. An initiative to invite new hunters and shooters to experience the excitement and deeper connection to the outdoors that hunting and target shooting provides.

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