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May 10, 2012

Update on Bank of America Allegations

In response to recent allegations that Bank of America has an anti-firearms industry policy, NSSF investigated the allegation, including contacting the Bank of America to insist on a response from them to the allegations that it has a corporate policy of not doing business with members of the firearms industry. As we noted in our original statement on this matter, we are aware that many members of our industry had longstanding banking and business relationships with the Bank of America and had reported to us that they had not encountered any problems with the bank due to the fact that their business was in the firearms industry. In a May 2, 2012, reply, the Bank of America said that though it could not comment on its relationship with customers, the company has not made changes to its policies. “I want to assure you and your organization that we do not have a policy that would deny banking services to entities because they are in the firearms industry,” wrote Anne G. Pace of Bank of America.

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