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December 14, 2015

U.S Company Provides Discount on Firearm Safety Markers for NSSF Members

cv-safety-markerNSSF has partnered with a U.S company to provide our members with a discount on safety markers that demonstrate a firearm’s chamber is unloaded. These indicators are available for shotguns, AR-10 and AR-15-style rifles, semi-auto handguns and .22 LR pistols and rifles. Made of high-grade silicone, these empty-chamber indicators provide long life to the user and won’t scratch the surface of firearms. The indicators are made in blaze orange, renowned for its high visibility, and when in use not only demonstrate a firearm’s chamber is empty, but also help prevent accidental closure of the firearm’s action, as well as foreign objects, dust and dirt from entering the firearm.

Ideal for ranges, retailers, ammunition and firearms manufacturers and research and development facilities that utilize firearms in their product testing, the empty-chamber indicators from NSSF’s newest Member Benefits Partner are well-respected across the industry and by competitors across the country.

For more information, log in to the members-only side of and visit the NSSF Member Benefits section. Not a member yet? Click here to see the many benefits industry professionals receive upon joining NSSF.

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