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April 30, 2009

Tell Rush The Truth About HSUS

Media coverage about Rush Limbaugh's support for the Human Society of the United States continues to grow, with the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance leading the charge to encourage the conservative talk show host to pull his endorsement for the lobbying group which works to assail hunter rights and which is NOT your local humane society that operates animal shelters. (See previous post.)


Stories about the Limbaugh ads for HSUS and the letter sent to him from major conservation groups have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Washington Times, New York Post and ESPN, helping to educate millions of readers about HSUS's true agenda, which undermines hunting and wildlife conservation.


The issue is not about the subject of Rush's commercials for HSUS–which, according to USSA, is about dog fighting and promoting a partnership between people of faith and animal rights activitist. The problem is that Rush's support for HSUS may lead his devoted conservative following–many of whom are hunters and anglers–to contribute to an organization that is out to destroy their way of life.


An opportunity exists on May 1 for sportsmen to call Rush on his "Open Line Friday" to make HSUS the topic of discussion for that afternoon. Call 800-282-2882 between noon and 3 pm EST. NSSF is promoting this to its members on its home page,


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