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July 29, 2013

Shooting Industry Masters Raises $70,000 for NSSF’s First Shots

NSSF President Steve Sanetti thanks FMG Publications and everyone in attendance at the Shooting Industry Masters for their support of NSSF’s First Shots program.

At some point, we all took our “first shots” and began a lifelong enjoyment of the shooting sports.
To help more people obtain a safe and supervised introduction to target shooting, NSSF began its First Shots program in 2005. Since then thousands of individuals have been introduced to the shooting sports at seminars conducted at shooting ranges across the country.

The value of NSSF’s First Shots program is recognized throughout our industry, most notably by FMG Publications, which today announced that its latest Shooting Industry Masters—its annual rifle, handgun and shotgun “friendly” competition—raised a record $70,000 in support of First Shots. That contribution brings FMG’s five-year total support of First Shots to an impressive $211,000.

We couldn’t be more thankful to FMG President Tom von Rosen, Vice President of Business Development Randy Molde, Shooting Industry Publisher and Editor Russ Thurman and the entire FMG team for their efforts to produce yet another successful Masters. Their generous contribution to First Shots was made possible by 53 industry sponsors, as well as industry manufacturers and supporters that contributed the largest collection of prizes in the 11-year history of the match. FMG reports that 64 companies donated product for 72 raffle prize packages and 15 auction items. Some of the auction guns brought spirited bidding at, raising more than $20,000.

In return, we at NSSF can tell you that First Shots is working, producing new shooting sports enthusiasts and customers for our industry.

Of those attending a First Shots seminar,

  • 49 percent go on to purchase shooting-related equipment, spending an average of $560 a person.
  • 4 in 10 return to the host range within six months to shoot an average of six times.
  • 1 in 10 purchase a membership to the host range.
  • Nearly 7 in 10 purchase a firearm for target shooting or personal protection.
  • More than 50 percent introduce another person to the shooting sports.

The Shooting Industry Masters provides one of the few opportunities for those of us who work in industry to enjoy the shooting sports together and at the same time contribute to a great cause in First Shots (and also this year, the USA Shooting Team, which received $11,250 in support). I encourage you to learn more about the Masters and to participate next year.

For more information on the Shooting Industry Masters visit or contact Shari Legate, event manager, at

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