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October 30, 2014

Retail Management Software Discounts Available from NSSF Affinity Partner

NSSF partners with a high-profile tech company to offer its members a deep discount on any one of a suite of retail management software products.

The flagship of this company’s products is a point-of-sale product design that works in real time. This specialized software can handle large volume counter sales, layaways, special order and returns in a manner that minimizes customer time at the register. This point-of-sale functionality is just the beginning of what this company offers. Other products include:

  • Inventory management that provides real-time analysis and easy management of the products in your store.
  • Integrated e-commerce solutions that integrates your company’s website with your point-of-sale and inventory components.
  • Back office sales analysis tools, from sale data and receipts to register close-outs, deposit readings and individual salesperson summaries.
  • Buying and planning programs that eliminate clumsy Excel spreadsheets and maximize your purchasing efficiencies.
  • CRM — Customer Relationship Management — solutions that allow you to tailor inventory and special offers to meet your customers’ needs.
  • A full warehouse management system of products.
  • Inventory software that simplifies physical counts and can be tailored to individual products that need more than annual or semi-annual tracking.
  • Datamining capabilities that let you create the reports you need to improve all areas of your business.
  • Full financials, including accounts payable, expense payables, recurring payables and general ledger functionality.
  • Fulfillment capabilities for retailers who ship.
  • E-commerce marketing tools, including in-store site design for SEO ranking and social networking enhancements.
  • A full suite of mobile applications ranging from price checking and ticket remarking to warehouse inventory tracking and gift registries.
  • Employee management solutions such as salary and commission tracking, shift scheduling and even biometric personnel recognition tools.
  • Stored value cards — pre-paid store loyalty cards that enhance your store’s branding and keep customers returning to your facility time after time.
  • Point of sale and inventory security software that keeps your customer and sale data safe, while also helping to minimize physical inventory losses, refund fraud, fraudulent credit card activity, employee discount abuse and multiple redemptions of gift certificates.

Whether you are a small-town retailer or big-box enterprise, NSSF’s business partner in this endeavor has a software solution that satisfies one portion of your firearms business or all of its concerns. Backed by a team of professionals and tech experts dedicated to helping firearms industry businesses perform at their peak, this is a company that helps NSSF meet its mission of promoting, protecting and preserving hunting and the shooting sports.

To join NSSF and learn more about this affinity partner benefit, click here.

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