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January 24, 2014

Registration Opens for NSSF Industry Summit June 9-11

The 2014 NSSF Industry Summit will be held June 9-11 in Springfield, Mass.

Many programs that have helped increase participation in target shooting and hunting in the past 18 years can trace their roots to NSSF Industry Summits. That’s not surprising given the creativity and expertise of industry leaders who attend these gatherings every two to three years. The latest edition of the NSSF Industry Summit is slated for June 9-11 in Springfield, Mass., where once again industry leaders will share ideas and work hard to help shape a positive future for hunting and the shooting sports.

Registration for the NSSF Industry Summit is now open to individuals representing hunting and shooting sports organizations, conservation groups, state and federal wildlife agencies, and the firearms and ammunition industry. Register here. The Summit is sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting industry.

This year’s Summit will feature a strong lineup of speakers and experts. Among them are:

  • Jeremy Gutsche—Innovation expert, award-winning author and founder of the world’s No. 1 trend-spotting website,
  • Jonah Berger—Best-selling author of “Contagious: Why Things Catch On.”
  • John Robinson—Well-known speaker and author devoted to introducing inner-city youths to the outdoors.
  • Emily Miller—Washington Times senior editor of opinion, award-winning journalist and author of “Emily Gets Her Gun.”
  • Katie Pavlich—News editor at, Fox News contributor and award-winning author of the best seller “Fast and Furious.”

Energized by discussions and workshops at past Summits, many organizations have launched new programs, redoubled their efforts, removed barriers and created new access and opportunities to better meet the needs of sportsmen and women. That is why the Summit and NSSF are well on their way to achieving a 20 percent increase in target shooting and hunting by the end of this year.

Attendees at the 2014 NSSF Industry Summit will be brought up to date on the latest “Models of Success,” an approach that was rolled out during the 2011 Summit with the goal of having states share and adopt proven recruitment initiatives. Several “Model” programs will be presented and discussed at the NSSF Industry Summit in Springfield.

With its 2014 Industry Summit, NSSF has every intention of adding to the legacy of past Summits. Make your ideas part of our industry’s future by attending this year’s Industry Summit.

More information about the NSSF Industry Summit, registration, schedules and accommodations in Springfield can be found at the Summit website.

Your company or organization can help make the Summit a success by becoming a sponsor. Learn more about Summit Sponsorship opportunities here.

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