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December 30, 2010

Ohio Supreme Court Rules for Industry

In a court ruling yesterday, the Ohio Supreme Court upheld the state’s preemption law (which prohibits municipal gun ordinances) by ruling against the City of Cleveland which had attempted to establish its own restrictive gun-control laws.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation filed a legal brief in support of the 2006 state statute which provides that only federal or state law may regulate firearms.  NSSF joined the Ohio Attorney General in arguing that the statute clearly expressed the General Assembly’s intent to provide uniform statewide firearms laws and prevent municipalities from creating a patchwork of different firearms-related ordinances across Ohio.

This ruling is a victory for all law‑abiding Ohioans. Had this gone the other way, Ohio would have ended up with thousands of new gun-control laws and regulations affecting gun owners differently from one local jurisdiction to another.

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