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September 25, 2017

NSSF Statement on Export Control Reform

News that the Trump administration is moving forward on the Export Control Reform initiative NSSF has long been working to advance caught the attention of the financial news media this week. There were some predictable inaccuracies and lack of context. NSSF responded to that interest with the following statement:

This initiative will improve our nation’s ability to compete in the global marketplace for commercial and sporting firearms and ammunition without impairing national security. Military firearms, which are generally fully-automatic, are not affected. The proposal would reform an onerous export process that has caused U.S. manufacturers to lose the ability to compete for contracts, even as it has required non-exporting companies to nonetheless register as exporters and pay an exorbitant annual fee. Even the professionals in the Obama administration’s State and Commerce Departments were in favor of completing the reforms, but they were held up for purely political reasons, our industry being the only one singled out in this manner. We salute the Trump administration for moving forward and urge that there be no further delay on these reforms that will improve America’s competitiveness and support manufacturing jobs.

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