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April 24, 2017

NSSF Spring 2017 Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp Gets Big Thumbs Up

It started as all such events of this type do, with a group of strangers feeling each other out and wondering if what they brought to the table will make the grade. In the end, the “campers” of NSSF 2017 Spring Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp departed not only as close friends, but also with each knowing their firearms handling skills had improved ten-fold.

“I love seeing an event like this come together,” said Tisma Juett, NSSF Manager, Recruitment and Retention. “Everyone wonders at the start if they’re as good as the person standing next to them and if they have what it takes to master the skills our pro shooters have. But what they also have in common is an enormous desire to learn, and that’s why, when this camp ended, there was nothing but a long line of grinning faces and a camp full of really, really good shooters.”

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Held this past weekend, NSSF’s second Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp focused specifically on the trending action shooting sport of 3-Gun, with seven of today’s top professional shooters guiding 30 students through the ins and outs of the competition genre and honing fine-level firearms handling skills. The pros included Dianna Muller, Chris Cheng, Robert Vogel, Randi Rogers, Tommy Thacker, BJ Norris and Ryan Muller, all with multiple titles across a variety of action shooting disciplines and some of the most respected 3-Gun competitors in the country.

“These pros really brought it,” said Juett. “With some fantasy sports camps, the students never get the full experience or come away with the feeling that they can be as good as the pros. Our camp is different, and it’s because of our instructors. They are personable, knowledgeable and entertaining, but most of all they have an innate ability to instill an incredible level of optimism in their students. That’s what produces good shooters, and that’s what highlights how inclusive the shooting sports are for everyone.”

The camp began with everyone flying into Las Vegas on Thursday, April 20, before NSSF-provided transportation whisked them off to the event sponsor hotel, the Aliante Casino and Hotel. From there, NSSF provided hotel accommodations, meals, ammunition, evening receptions, a bag full of shooting swag for every shooter and more through the event’s conclusion Sunday. During their time at the Clark County Shooting Complex, shooters learned how to perfect holster skills, firearms and stage transitions, shooting while moving, barrier and obstacle negotiations and more before dividing into teams for an intense 3-Gun relay match on the final day. More than 30,000 rounds of ammunition were expended during the course of the camp.

NSSF would like to thank its spring 2017 camp Title Sponsor Fime Group, home of the Arex/REX Zero 1, as well as Hornady, SIG Sauer, LWRC International, Winchester Ammunition and PolyCase Ammunition for their generous support. We also extend our gratitude to Las Vegas’ Clark County Shooting Complex for their top-level service and team of professional range personnel. One more Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp for this year is in the design stages now, planned for October 26-29. For more information and to sign up for notifications regarding future camps, please visit

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