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August 21, 2017

NSSF, SAAMI File Briefs in California Supreme Court in Ongoing Microstamping Lawsuit

By NSSF News

NSSF and SAAMI filed a brief in the California Supreme Court in the ongoing microstamping suit against the State of California. In December 2016, the Court of Appeals found that NSSF and SAAMI had the right to present evidence that dual placement microstamping is impossible and remanded the case for further proceedings. The state continues to pursue an impossible microstamping mandate and was granted review by the Supreme Court. The state filed its brief in July. The NSSF and SAAMI reply brief asks the Supreme Court to affirm the Appellate ruling and remand the case for trial. NSSF and SAAMI seeks an injunction on grounds the microstamping law is arbitrary and a standard set that is simply impossible to meet.

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