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January 23, 2020

NSSF Proud of Strong Law Enforcement Partnerships and Relationships

For another segment of the 2020 SHOT Show® TV season, NSSF® Senior Vice President for Government and Public Affairs Larry Keane sat down with Dr. Jason Piccolo to discuss the longstanding close relationship between the firearms industry and the law enforcement community. Dr. Piccolo, a law enforcement official and host of The Protectors podcast, was eager to share how law enforcement across the country values the strategic partnership between them and the firearms industry, as well as the many initiatives NSSF has launched to help reduce suicide, cut down on criminal misuse of firearms and create more educated and informed gun owners.

Despite media portrayals, the law enforcement community “absolutely loves” the firearms industry, according to Dr. Piccolo. He and Keane spoke of all the ways NSSF actively partners with the federal government, such as with Operation Secure StoreSM, which has helped reduce burglaries and robberies of firearm retailers by educating shop owners on securing their inventory and by working with the ATF to offer a reward for gun store thieves.

They also touched on the appreciation law enforcement officers have for America’s individual gun owners, the value of which was recently exemplified in Texas where a law-abiding gun owner’s decisive action stopped a potential mass murder inside a church.

View the whole video and learn more about how partnerships between the federal government and the firearms industry benefits our communities.

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