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September 28, 2016

NSSF Program Hunting Works for America Expands in Southern U.S.

Hunting Works for AlabamaOnce again, we at NSSF are thrilled to announce that a new Hunting Works chapter has joined our growing family.

Today at Walter Craig’s Sportsman’s HQ in Montgomery we launched our 13th state chapter of this award winning communications program. Going forward, Hunting Works For Alabama will help tell the story of the economic impact that hunting and shooting sports have on this great state. With over half a million hunters who pay over $100 million in state and local taxes it made perfect sense to add Alabama to our Hunting Works family.

The contributions of Alabama hunters are nothing short of amazing. Hunters are responsible for retail sales of over $1 billion each year in Alabama which ranks it #7 nationally. Alabama’s resident hunter numbers are always in the top 10 nationally and their spending also contributes to over $613 million in Alabama salaries and wages.  Hunter spending in Alabama supports over 27,000 jobs, making it a top 5 employer in the state!

I’ve had the pleasure to hunt all over the United States, and with its liberal bag limits and abundant wildlife, Alabama hunters have a sportsman’s paradise on their hands.  Hunters in Alabama have over 1.3 million acres of public hunting land to explore while looking for everything from white tailed deer to feral hogs. That being said, hunting is not the only thing hunters do; they also support local businesses, and wildlife conservation. That’s why hunters need our support.

Hunters need our support so every last American knows that without hunters, hunters and non-hunters would have far fewer places to enjoy the outdoors and the wild animals that live there. Taxes on hunting equipment as well as hunting license fees all go towards habitat conservation. Without hunters we would also have fewer local businesses, because when hunters are hunting or scouting that’s where they stop, at the mom and pop shops along the way.

With the addition of Alabama to Hunting Works For America we are once again bringing these ideas and non-traditional advocates to a new region of the country, and hopefully to people who, if they had not considered the contributions of hunters before, will consider them now.

I welcome the hunters and shooters of Alabama to our Hunting Works For America family. Together we will make sure that hunters get the recognition they deserve for everything they contribute to America’s businesses and conservation.

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