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August 12, 2014

NSSF Program Hunting Works for America Adds Another Chapter

And then there were nine.

I’m extremely pleased to announce that Hunting Works For Colorado has joined the Hunting Works For America family. Having spent lots of time there chasing Elk the place is near and dear to my heart. With Colorado’s addition, the Hunting Works For America franchise now has a total of nine state partnerships up and running. These chapters are uniting stakeholders and educating policymakers about the important economic impact of hunting, joining Arizona, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Utah and, most recently, Wisconsin.

As I’ve said before, the attacks on hunting and shooting increase every year, so the message of Hunting Works For America is more important than ever for NSSF, its members and most importantly the hunters and sportsmen across America.

On my trips to Colorado I’ve seen firsthand how hunters spend big bucks on their passion for the outdoors–$465 million annually, to be exact. That spending has serious positive effects on the state’s economy because it supports 8,400 jobs, translates into $292 million in salaries and wages, and sends $51 million in taxes to local governments and the capitol. All in all, hunting in Colorado creates a $763 million ripple effect in the state’s economy.

Those numbers look great on paper, but they are even better when you’re a Colorado business owner experiencing the impact of hunter spending firsthand. That’s why businesses of all types from the Western Slope to Denver, like hotels, convenience stores, restaurants , atv shops, sporting good stores etc.—are enthusiastically signing on as Hunting Works For Colorado partners and proud to help spread the important message that hunting does indeed work for Colorado and all of America.

We are looking forward to working with our new partners in Colorado and the thousands of hunters that call the state home as well. If you hunt or own a business in Colorado and are interested in getting more information about our newest chapter, check out the website, Becoming a partner is simple and completely free.

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