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June 7, 2010

NSSF Issues Firearm Safety Reminder During National Safety Month

The National Shooting Sports Foundation reminds gun owners to review their procedures for safely storing firearms in the home — a message in keeping with June being National Safety Month. A few simple steps — such as storing firearms unloaded with ammunition stored separately under lock and key — can help prevent an accident.

NSSF provides firearm safety brochures and videos to help gun owners and non-owners make informed decisions when it comes to firearms safety.

“The goal for firearm owners is to prevent a child or unauthorized person from accessing a loaded firearm,” said Steve Sanetti, president of NSSF. “Accidental firearm fatalities are at historic low levels thanks to the precautions taken by responsible firearms owners and because of safety programs promoted by NSSF and other concerned groups.”

Read the full NSSF news release.

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