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February 3, 2015

Partnership Delivers Savings on Air Filter Solutions for NSSF Range Members

NSSF has partnered with a highly respected U.S.-based company to provide its Range Members discounts on newly designed filter solutions specially designed for the shooting range industry.

Every range owner knows that to run a successful business, you must put the health and safety of your customers, staff and environment above all else. That’s why NSSF has partnered with a company that specializes in helping firearms ranges achieve the highest levels of both. NSSF Range Members can receive the following discounts through this partnership:

  • 20% discount off of standard pricing on any filter ordered
    • Pre-filter and HEPA filter solutions
    • The first filters made specifically for the shooting range industry
    • Any size filter available 
    • Filter manufacturing that allows lead stabilization within the filter
    • High efficiency filters can cut energy costs up to 20%
  • Buy and dispose filters through the company and save up to 60%
    • Filter pricing with disposal costs included
    • Disposal of all filters in accordance with EPA and OSHA guidelines
    • Dramatic costs savings over conventional compliant disposal
    • Documentation for proof of compliant disposal is provided

For more information on NSSF’s newest affinity member benefit partner, contact NSSF member services at Don’t forget to check out NSSF’s new Premium Range Membership that comes with more benefits related to range compliance.

Need to join NSSF to take advantage of this and our many other member benefits? Click here.

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